Vital Connections

Data is everything in today’s business world. You need to ensure that you can handle increasing volumes of data effectively and efficiently, both internally and externally.

By analysing your dataset from the start, we’ll help you make more informed decisions that are predictive and holistic rather than reactive and disconnected.


We’ll help you understand and set up the very best data connections for your business. Smaller businesses that do not require extremely fast upload and download speeds may want to take advantage of our FTTC (Fibre to Cabinet) packages that offer a low cost, high quality service.

For larger businesses that do require high upload and download speeds and may also want to take advantage of a VoIP service may be better suited to our FTTP (Fibre To Premises) or Leased Line packages that can offer download speeds of up to 1Gbit and beyond.

While we’re talking data we can also switch your analogue and digital telephone lines to SIP trunks to receive cheaper calls to local / national and International areas. Achieve at least 30% less in line rental costs simply by switching to SIP trunks today.


Keep your organisation’s data indefinitely, no matter the size. Instead of making cost trade-offs on what data to hold onto, retain your data to meet regulatory and company standards at affordable prices.

We partner with Microsoft Azure to ensure the safety and integrity of your company’s most valuable asset, your data. Microsoft is dedicated to continuous innovation and our Azure partnership status brings that future-proofing peace of mind to your business.

Bring the decades of experience that Microsoft engineers have to bear on your business, safe in the knowledge that you’re backed up by experts.

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