EY extends app management and security beyond the cloud with Azure Arc


Microsoft Azure Arc extends cloud services into places cloud has no reach. EY was able to leverage its existing global cloud infrastructure, add new apps, and run on-premises data systems from a single control center—in full accordance with compliance and regulatory requirements. Azure Arc helps automate its operations, which can be a challenge when working with hybridclouds.

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Deploy and protect endpoints for hybrid and frontline work


You can future-proof your organization and mitigate security risks with Microsoft 365. Products like Endpoint Manager, Azure Active Directory, and Microsoft Defender enable shared configured devices, streamlined deployments with zero-touch provisioning, secure, high-performance access, and much more. Review the infographic to learn about how hybrid and frontline workers can work more efficiently with a platform that is easy to manage, secure, and equipped with modern tools for a transformative business scenario.

Deploy and protect endpoints for hybrid and frontline work2022-02-07T17:31:09+00:00

Unify management and security with Microsoft cloud, apps, and endpoints


Today's workers require adaptability since they often use various devices to accomplish tasks. Microsoft cloud, apps, and endpoints combine services you may already be using, such as Microsoft Intune, which are part of the Microsoft 365 stack designed to help secure access, protect data, and respond and manage risk. Use Endpoint Manager to deploy and configure apps to keep teams connected, apply Azure Virtual Desktop for fast, familiar access to internal resources, access Surface Hub to support a vast device ecosystem, and secure conditional access to mobile apps with Azure Active Directory.

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Azure Arc—the future of hybrid and multicloud


All cloud management capabilities are now native in Microsoft Azure. Containers, VM, on-prem, and public cloud infrastructure can be brought together under Azure Arc. You decide who can access your data with full governance and policy tools applied across your systems, regardless of where they reside. Arc delivers on the promise that Azure is "the world's computer."

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Stay productive while working remotely


Organisations across the globe are moving to remote work, and #Microsoft Teams is there every step of the way to keep you connected and productive. Check out this article for tips on effective remote working through #Teams, and contact Cloud Geeks to get started today!

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Protect your endpoints with top EDR software


To function in a safer digital environment, companies must now consider endpoint detection and response software (EDR) enabled with AI and machine learning capabilities, as well as threat intelligence databases to minimize potential security breaches. But most of the features that users expect, like device control, advanced threat targeting, and rollback, are either unavailable or come at extra cost. Microsoft Defender for Endpoints integrates into the source code of Windows, making it an obvious choice for its devices (also available for Mac and Linux).

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The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Endpoint Manager


Microsoft Endpoint Manager is a solution that provides on-premises and cloud-based devices with tools (as well as the ability to co-manage with them) to provision, deploy, manage, and secure endpoints. It also enables insights into endpoint health and performance and remediates vulnerabilities in multiple areas—all while significantly reducing costs. Microsoft Endpoint Manager gives organizations the enhanced control and monitoring to support employees with minimal impact on user experience while preventing data loss and applying Zero Trust best practices. Subscribe to stay connected—we'll help you ensure a more secure work environment throughout your organization.

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Three simple ways to migrate your web applications to Azure App Service


Migrating your applications using Microsoft Azure App Service can be simple. Redeploy code using your existing CI/CD pipeline, containerize your application, and deploy using Docker Imager—or use the Migration Assistant tool. Would you like to learn more about Azure App Service? Sign up to stay connected so we can keep you up to date on the fastest ways to migrate your applications using the latest cloud computing technology.

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Deploy and protect endpoints for hybrid work environments


The workplace is evolving and requires an innovative approach for endpoint modernization. Microsoft is bridging employee experiences and security with modernized endpoints that enable organizations to adapt to today's new world of work in a secure way across a range of key business scenarios. Building security into apps and devices help reduce the threat of endpoint vulnerability for workers on the frontline, remote workers, in-office employees, and everything in between. Modernizing endpoints help advance to Zero Trust.

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